What is Data FAIRport

Data FAIRport is an open initiative of representatives from the worlds of research infrastructure and policy, publishing, the semantic web and life sciences research. Data FAIRport was founded in January of 2014. It’s vision is to realise and enable a situation where valuable scientific data is ‘FAIR’ in the sense of being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. Data FAIRport engages all 'Enablers' in the field of data publishing and re-use. It will not develop any solutions that are already in place and does not read more .

Data FAIRness principles

Recently we drafted and refined "Guiding Principles" for FAIR data publishing. The Guiding Principles can be viewed in DRAFT and can be commented on at the pages of a dedicated FORCE11 FAIR Data Publishing Group for wider critical review.

We also think that the general principles of data FAIRness are well articulated in the data citation principles of Force11Data FAIRport takes a next step in implementing these principles and we would like to invite you to review and, if possible, endorse these principles

Join Data FAIRport

We are an open initiative and are very happy for anyone to join us in achieving 'fair' data. Please contact us here .

What’s happening

To see what's happening in Data FAIRport have a look here .


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